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design your own

unforgettable event


Paper Mill on The Landing provides a custom floor plan to all clients. About 8 months before your event, we begin discussing the initial details of your layout. We will ask questions about the preference of tables, specialty tables (like gifts, guestbook, dessert, etc.), head table, etc. One month prior to the event, we will finalize the layout based on your final head count. 


Note: Setup of tables and chairs is included in our event pricing, however, Paper Mill staff does not participate in any floor plan alterations/customizations after it is set up. Please be sure to bring the necessary help on your event day if you wish to make alterations to the final floor plan. 


The layouts below are some of our most common floor plans that work the best in our space. Any of these layouts can be customized. If you love a floor plan below but it is not around your head count, we can adjust the tables to get to your head count!

Paper Mill-18.JPEG

planning on an onsite ceremony?

Check out the floor plans below. We have 3 main areas onsite to host your ceremony: in front of the freight elevator, in the center of the room, or on the right side. We work with each client on an onsite-ceremony plan to talk through what will work best for your event!

Main Space - 6.9.23 Maggie Rohlfing - screenshot (3).png
Main Space - Seating for 156 - screenshot (2).png
Main Space - 6.9.23 Maggie Rohlfing - screenshot (2).png
Main Space - 6.9.23 Maggie Rohlfing - screenshot (1).png
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